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Adjustable Hand Tufting Tool

Adjustable Hand Tufting Tool

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Adjustable Hand Tufting Tool

Brand: And-et

Color: gray


  • Adjustable Pile Height: Enhance your artistic vision with precise adjustments (6mm to 30mm), maximizing tufting gun potential. Perfect for enthusiasts of tufting, framing, rug making, and flocking.
  • Easy Repairs: Seamlessly fix or repair mistakes using mesh, preserving the design's integrity. Suitable for rug tufting gun, tufting gun kit, flocking kit, and tufting supplies like wool jeanie.
  • Perfect for Detailed Work: Manual speed adjustment enables meticulous work on intricate designs and small areas. Ideal for tufting, tufting kit, and tufting supplies.
  • Suitable for Various Yarns: Choose the right needle head and pusher for different yarn types and delicate work. Perfect for tufting, tufting kit, and tufting supplies.
  • Get Yours Today: Don't miss out on this exclusive and patented Hand Tufting Gun. Order your rug gun machine starter kit, rug tufting kit, or carpet tufting gun kit now to effortlessly create beautiful rugs! Enjoy peace of mind knowing South Korea produces reliable, high-quality products.

model number: 8809898700007C2022

Part Number: 8809898700007C2022

EAN: 8809898700007

Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 5.2 x 1.5 inches

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