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Tasty Donuts Foam Yoga Mat

Tasty Donuts Foam Yoga Mat

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As a foam yoga mat, the seamless donut pattern design brings a fun and playful touch to your yoga practice. The dark blue background provides a soothing and calming visual backdrop for your practice, while the colorful and mouth-watering donut design adds a touch of whimsy and joy.

The array of tasty donuts in different flavors and colors are beautifully iced and sprinkled with colorful toppings, creating a visually pleasing and fun design that will inspire and uplift you during your yoga practice. The seamless pattern makes the design more cohesive, while the vibrant colors add energy and life to your practice.


The foam texture of the mat provides a comfortable and supportive surface for your yoga practice, allowing you to focus on your movements and breath. The high-quality materials used in the mat's construction ensure that it is durable and long-lasting, making it a wise investment for your yoga practice.

Breathe in, and breathe out with style. These custom print yoga mats can now accommodate your designs and add a personal touch to your yoga sessions. Made with foam material, these printable yoga mats are lightweight, cushion you from impacts, and measure 24" x 72" x 0.25" in size. Namaste!

.: One size: 24″ x 72" (61cm x 183 cm)
.: 0.25" (0.65cm) thick
.: Material: 100% foam (synthetic thermoplastic)
.: Edge to edge print
.: Lightweight

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